Boston E X

The special look of the Boston E X and some features taken across from the sporty off-road segment successfully combine to suit both adventurers and those who simply need urban mobility: the broad tyres add a visual statement of individuality for confident city riders.

City HDE Comfort

If people are constantly growing, as current studies show, the bicycles should be built to cater to that. Said, done! The City HDE Comfort has been specially made for the needs of bigger cycling enthusiasts. Reinforced components and the special frame construction heighten the maximum user weight capacity to 160 kg, which in turn makes life easier for discerning, larger built cyclists.

Traveller E Speed 10

Dynamic on hills, responsive and zippy on flat stretches: The sporty Traveller E Speed 10 features a sensational torque of 75(!) Newton metres. The innovative speed motor by Panasonic loves nothing more than cranking up the power on mixed-terrain stretches, offering high average speeds.

Inspire E Beltdrive

For stylish bikes, the saying usually goes: Less is more! The bikes in the KETTLER Inspire family are kept visually very simple and impress with their sleek, clean designs as well as their reliability. Climb on and feel the wind in your face as you make your way actively, environmentally friendly and stylishly to your destination - that is what the Inspire Family models stand for.

Explorer HDE

The Explorer HDE is perfectly equipped for long cycling tours. Its impressive 160 kg load bearing capacity with plenty of space for baggage makes the bike ideal for frequent sports and trekking cyclists. The specially developed seat and light handle grips ensure the necessary comfort and enjoyment on long cycling trips. You can easily take on any incline thanks to the high-quality and performance motor.

Forward Beltdrive

The constant search for parking spaces, traffic jams and rising petrol prices all make the lives of city drivers more complicated than necessary. Not to mention the ecological factors involved, a subject that is gaining steam with many people. KETTLER presents the Forward Series to show how urban travel and commuting can become individual, modern and environmentally friendly.


When it comes to colour, be bold! The KETTLER bike with the vibrant spring colours of pink candy, frosted steel and teal green create a good mood, the comfort is lots of fun and, incidentally, they are still absolutely "up to date"! What's up?

Inspire Breeze

Because less is usually more, we have reduced the equipment on the new Inspire E Breeze to the bare essentials. The credo of the new model goes - climb on, set off and enjoy the ride. The puristic, stylish design with an eye for detail will make any trend and environmentally conscious city dweller's heart beat faster. Bring a breath of fresh inspiration to the city with the Inspire Breeze.


The Layana from KETTLER comes pedalling along with seven gears and in two trendy colour versions: White, glossy and black, glossy. Check out all the carefully colour-coordinated details. There is a handbag that perfectly matches the Layana style and is also great for a day out in the city. It can be easily attached to the luggage rack while you ride.


This bike is safe and cool! The Grinder - one less worry for the parents, and a dream come true for the kids. The unisex Y-shaped frame makes it child's play for girls and boys to mount and dismount the bike. In bike races on the school yard, the sporty handlebar may leave some classmates in the dust. Likewise, the V-brake has really effective gripping power and thus ensures optimal braking action. Here as well, the reflecting KETTLER logo provides superb visibility.

Layana Girl

The Layana Girl in starlight red glossy and pastel green glossy is guaranteed to become a new favourite for all little princesses. These bikes are not just pretty – a number of tried-and-tested safety components make it the perfect choice for your little girl. And the matching dress for your next trip is probably already hanging in the closet.


Boston E Beltdrive


Das Boston E Beltdrive ist das SUV in unserem Programm. Alles ist möglich: On- und offroad, Brötchen holen und Schlamm spritzen lassen. Die Starrgabel in Federgabel-Optik macht schon beim Anschauen Lust auf‘s Cruisen. Auch die Reifen in der neuen Größe 27,5 Zoll sind ein echter Hingucker. Sie kombinieren Laufruhe mit Wendigkeit.

Obra TR

Testfahrt mit dem KETTLER Obra

Obra TR


Der Chefredaktuer des Radmagazins aktivRadfahren testet das KETTLER Obra 2010.


Räder für Generationen



LAYANA ist die feminine Radlinie für stilbewußte Frauen, die ein besonderes Gespür für Mode und Lifestyle besitzen. Für sie spielt das Design eine genauso wichtige Rolle wie die Funktionalität und der Komfort. LAYANA vereint diese Aspekte in sechs exklusiven und völlig unterschiedlichen Radmodellen, die den Stil ihrer Fahrerinnen markant unterstreichen.

Berlin Cargo


Berlin Cargo



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