Layana E

Sitting in a café, enjoying the first rays of the rising sun, followed by a leisurely shopping trip to the many boutiques in town – and all that with your bike at the ready wherever you go ... A perfect day in anyone’s book! The attractive retro look of the Layana E is a real head-turner. The shopping bag, which is perfectly fitted to the bike, is ideal for carrying home your newest possessions.

Boston E Race

The Boston E Race is the SUV among bikes. Anything is possible: Whether you're on-road, picking up a loaf of bread or off-road being sprayed with mud. You often ride through town, but you also like to go off-road every once in a while? The Boston E Race is at home in both worlds. This is seen not only in the high-quality suspension fork, but also in additional features that guarantee riding fun in any situation.

Experience the innovative Panasonic Drive System

The new POWER motor with a torque of up to 75 Nm and a smartphone-style LCD display sets completely new standards for performance and design. Charging is possible directly on the bike. There is also a pushing help as a standard feature. From the first few metres of your test ride, you can experience and enjoy the power and ride dynamics – for the hobby cyclist to athletic bicyclists.


The Twin RT/FL is a reliable bike for novices or those switching models. It's perfectly suited for cruising through town or for an excursion into nature. Even longer routes can be quickly and conveniently travelled – and with the necessary comfort. The Twin is now also available with a hydraulic rim brake.

Boston Beltdrive

What a cool bike! This bike needs no motor – it wants to be driven by pedal. But with the belt drive, that's a snap as well. The ride is easy, quiet, and clean. The new tyre size is not just an eye-catcher: it combines agility and smoothness for a perfect riding experience.

Layana Girl

The Layana Girl in glossy white and matte purple are the new favourite bikes for all the little princesses and little fashionistas. The colours are just right for their style. But the Layana bikes can do so much more, and the tried and tested components ensure safety – because our children's safety comes first and foremost.

Enjoy some outdoor activities and improve your health!

Back Pain – The complaint of the masses A number of KETTLER experts are working on developing products to help those that are predisposed and need help relieving stress on the spine. It is most definitely a good idea to give your body some much-needed exercise at the end of a stressful day at work. Taking some time out to enjoy some outdoor activities will improve your health. Plus: Cycling can be a lot of fun!