Enjoy some outdoor activities and improve your health!

Back Pain – The complaint of the masses A number of KETTLER experts are working on developing products to help those that are predisposed and need help relieving stress on the spine. It is most definitely a good idea to give your body some much-needed exercise at the end of a stressful day at work. Taking some time out to enjoy some outdoor activities will improve your health. Plus: Cycling can be a lot of fun!

Experience the innovative Panasonic Drive System

The new POWER motor with a torque of up to 75 Nm and a smartphone-style LCD display sets completely new standards for performance and design. Charging is possible directly on the bike. There is also a pushing help as a standard feature. From the first few metres of your test ride, you can experience and enjoy the power and ride dynamics – for the hobby cyclist to athletic bicyclists.

E-Bikes - The alternative to cars or motorcycles

Would you like to occasionally leave your car at home, yet still remain mobile? Quickly run a few errands without a tedious hunt for a parking space or get a free workout on your way to work? Why not take an extended relaxing bike tour at a moment's notice? With e-bikes from KETTLER, you'll be mastering the more challenging routes, discovering other paths and reaching new goals.

Lifestyle - Here, everyone will find his designer piece on two wheels!

Here, everyone will find his designer piece on two wheels! The women's models are geared toward the latest fashion trends with matching accessories. It can easily turn a bike path into a catwalk. The men's bikes focus more on rudimentary features. After all: if it looks stunning on a car or motorcycle, it can't hurt to include it on a bicycle! Features including matt paintwork, low seat positions and chrome leave nothing to be desired. Trendy, stylish and cool – our Lifestyle models are available both as conventional and e-bikes.

City - A reliable companion every day

Functionality and cool designed do not have to be mutually exclusive. The City bikes from KETTLER are the proof on wheels for that. Because they are practical, functional and yet they still have that certain something!

Simply embark on new adventures with our trekking bikes

So you want to not only ride your bike through town but also experience the beauty of outlying areas, far removed from the urban cityscape? No problem with the trekking bikes from KETTLER! The range runs the gamut from comfort, through ease, right down to sport and dynamics. There is something for everyone here! Simply embark on new adventures with Light or Ergo trekking bikes!

Kids - We know what kids want and what parents demand

So school's a drag? But the way to school is not to blame! The school bikes from KETTLER make every route to school genuine and safe fun. Many features offer active and passive safety benefits. Yet these bikes still look super cool. Naturally, there are also special designs in shades of pink for girls. And those who prefer fast bikes can really step on it with our Sport bikes. Kids will love them!